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Trainer Resources

Learn how to build digitally inclusive communities

Trainer Guide

Learn how to use this website to teach others or yourself. This Trainer guide explains how to navigate around our website and use the learning modules and categories to help others build their digital skills.

Snackable Sessions

A short video training session to inform staff in Project Partner Organisations about the WA Digital Inclusion Project.

Client Guide

This guide helps learners and clients to use this website to develop their digital skills.

Scenarios for Group Learning

You can use these scenarios in class or group discussions. Teach your clients to explore sections of the website and find solutions to different scenarios.

Train the Trainer

Use this PowerPoint to train other trainers to use the website and create digitally inclusive communities.

Teaching Resources

You can find a range of teaching resources from Good Things Foundations about how to motivate learners, tips to help others get online, running digital skills program plus more.

Community Support and Helpful links

A range of resources that you can use to get help to start on your online digital journey.

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