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Tips and Resources

Learn how to build digitally inclusive communities.

6 tips to help others get online.

If you feel confident navigating the internet and using your device, why not show a friend or loved one how to do it too! There are several things you can do to show someone the benefits of getting online and help them to learn new skills.

Running Digital Skills programs

Digital Mentors help other people improve their digital skills and are essential to help close the digital divide. Good Things Foundation Australia have put together a number of resources to help mentors.

Resources for digital Mentors, tutors and volunteers in community organisations.

These resources are designed to help community workers to upskill their learners and deliver digital skills program in a way that builds people’s confidence.

How to plan a piece of virtual learning

This post on the Lightbulb Moment blog explains how you can plan, design and deliver engaging learning content online. It covers every step of the planning and teaching process and includes some useful practical tips.

What are the differences between a webinar and a virtual classroom?

Webinars and virtual classrooms are two of the ways that you can teach groups of people online. This post explains both the difference and benefits, and helps you decide which method is right for you

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