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Access and Affordability Pilot

Access and Affordability
are both key barriers to digital inclusion

Many social housing residents do not have a device or internet plan that allows them to access the internet safely and cheaply.

The project team has partnered with Foundation Housing, Rise Network, Mooditj Koort Aboriginal Corporation, St Pats, Outcare and Uniting WA, as well as digital partners WorkVentures and NBN Co to develop and deliver the Access and Affordability Pilot. As part of the pilot, WorkVentures will provide an affordable device and subsidised 12-month internet plan to up to 500 social housing residents. Residents will also receive digital skills training, and support over 12 months through the project team and NBN Co.

Through monitoring and evaluation, the pilot will provide valuable information on how to support housing residents with devices and internet access.

Improving connectivity access and affordability for the community are key focus areas of the WA Digital Inclusion Project.

The Access and Affordability Pilot has two initiatives:

Initiative 5

Provide subsidised internet access to 500 social housing residents in a pilot program.

Initiative 6

Provide an affordable device to 500 social housing residents in a pilot program.

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