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Kimberley Support Services

Here are some Kimberley support services that might help you in a range of things within the area.

Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Ltd (KAMS)

KAMS purpose is to deliver holistic health and wellbeing outcomes to Kimberley Aboriginal people in partnership with Aboriginal led organisations that centres around Aboriginal culture and knowledge.

Kimberley Aboriginal Health Research Alliance (KAHRA)

The Kimberley Aboriginal Health Research Alliance (KAHRA) brings together Kimberley health services, Aboriginal communities and Kimberley based health research organisations.

This collaboration combines the wisdom and cultural strength of communities, the knowledge and commitment of regional health services, and research expertise to drive evidence-based change.

Wunan Foundation

At Wunan, their goal is to create a social and economic culture which enables, encourages and rewards individuals and communities to take responsibility to change their lives. They work towards achieving this by empowering the Aboriginal people and families of the East Kimberley Region to ‘swim the river’ to reach the shores of opportunity.

Kimberley Supports

Kimberley Supports is a network of Aboriginal led organisations working in collaboration to support Aboriginal people and families living with a disability in the Kimberley.

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