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What is the internet​ and how to connect to it?

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The internet is a global network of electronic devices which connect to each other. WIFI is the name given to wireless or remote internet access, which most modern devices are capable of. It allows you to access data and communicate with the world around you using internet search engines like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari if you are an Apple user. You can explore the different modules available depending on your particular needs. 

How to connect to the internet?

Connecting to the internet can be confusing at times. Below are some links that can guide you step by step.

Apple Devices using Safari

Safari is the Apple default version of the internet browser, if you are using a Mac, iPhone, iPod or an iPad. These modules will help you understand more about using Safari.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free web browser that you can use on any device that can access the internet. Below are some modules that can help you understand more about using Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the browser created for Windows 10 and above. It replaced Internet explorer that Windows 95 and above used for their Windows operating system. If you had Internet Explorer on your devices, it would automatically redirect you to Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer retired in June 2022. Below are some modules on how to use Microsoft Edge.

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