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How to use a computer ?

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Is this your first time navigating a computer? Learn the fundamentals of using your device by naming the parts of a desktop or laptop computer and learning more about the computer parts. The interactive guides cater for both Apple and Window versions.

Windows Devices

Using a mouse

These modules will teach you the basics of using a mouse that is either cordless or connected by a cord to your computer. 

Keyboard skills and shortcuts.

Do you have trouble knowing which keys to press to type or copy and paste some text? These modules will help you get familiar with your keyboard functions and learn some shortcuts to make your computer tasks, quick and simple. These modules cater for both Microsoft, Internet Explorer 11, Apple Mac and Safari shortcuts plus more.

Changing your security and privacy settings

These modules introduce what internet safety is and how to change your privacy settings on an Apple or Windows device.

Preparing to set up your new or preowned PC and Apple device​

Have you purchased a used laptop? Before using a used laptop, here are some tips how to reset your computer and remove everything the previous owner may have saved on their device. Here are some basic setting up steps for you to get the best access of your new laptop. This module is organised into Windows and Apple users.

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