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Digital Skills

Choose a category that you would like to learn more about. You can also see all the modules at the bottom of this page.

Foundation Skills

Let's start with the basics! This module teaches you the basics of how to use a computer and access the internet. If you want to start at the beginning, then use these modules to help you learn and use these new skills.

Finding Employment

Are you ready to join the workforce but not sure how to write your CV or resume? Here are several resources to help you apply for jobs. These include tips for job hunting, preparing for an interview and templates to create your CV.

Government Services

Do you want to avoid waiting for hours at government service centres? Check out the myGov website and app for your mobile device. MyGov gives you access to government online services like Medicare, Centrelink, My Aged Care, NDIS, Workforce and the Australian Taxation Office.

Health Services

The Australian Government offers some essential health services online, including My Health Record, Digital Health, Immunisations and Telehealth. Find links here to these services and resources to help you use them.


Managing a budget and doing your banking online is an important skill to learn. This category covers how to apply for a tax file number, pay bills online, make purchases online using PayPal and claim rebates and lost super.


These modules have some great resources about online scams, practice eSafety and how to stay safe online. There are resources for parents about children's safety online. There are also activities for children to explore.


Are you looking for a home but unsure about how to find a rental or how to manage all the rental paperwork? Learn more about how to find housing, property management apps, and smart homes.

Tech Tips

These guides cover how to get better at using your device – whether it is Android or Apple. You can also find a handy glossary to explain new technology terms and services.

Fun / Entertainment

Add some fun and excitement to your day! These computer games and apps will help you become more comfortable online. Explore new and exciting programs and apps that are based around fun.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD)

Find out about online translation services to help you use the internet if English is not your first language. There are also some helpful technology resources in languages other than English.

First Nations

These resources have been developed specifically by and for First Nations peoples. They include using the internet, staying safe online and how to access government and other services.


Learning to use different social media platforms can be confusing. Find out about different social media platforms that you can use to connect with friends and family. These links show you how to use these online platforms and apps. 

Practice Area

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘if only I had more time to practice doing something on my device?’ Well, here is your chance. In this area, you can practice using a laptop, desktop, and smart devices in a fun interactive way.

Comparing Tech Devices

Choosing and buying a new device can be overwhelming. Here are some websites that you can use to compare a range of device options. These cover choices like an Apple or Android phone, a desktop computer or a laptop, an iPad or a tablet.  

Professional / Education

Now you know the basics of a computer or mobile and you are ready to learn how to use your device. Here you can learn about using Microsoft and Apple programs, and how to use cloud services.


Understand how your mobile phone works. Learn how to make video calls, download apps, and set up your email.

Aged Care

This section is for older Australians and talks about the basics in digital technology.


Have you ever wondered what you are giving permission to when you click 'consent to cookies and tracking?' These links will help with your understanding of cookies.

Information for people with disabilities

The National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS is Australia's first national Scheme that provides direct funding for people with disabilities.

Regional and Remote Links

Here you will find some helpful regional links including the regional tech hub and emergency support.



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